Get paid to host weeklong challenges that benefit charity. With Commits, you improve your followers’ lives and the world
Commits are weeklong virtual gatherings, created by a host (you!) who challenges their participants to do one good habit every day for a week. A commit is a win for...

Get paid to bring your followers the inspiration and motivation they look to you for.

Your Followers

Join an engaging experience where everyone works towards their best self, together.

Your Favorite Charity

Receives a donation for everyone who successfully completes the challenge.

How a Commit Works
Create a Commit

Create a challenge by choosing a daily habit and your favorite charity. Then share a link to invite your followers.

Invite Your Community

As followers purchase tickets we add them to an exclusive commits group to chat with you.

Host Your Commit

The commit begins! Everyone posts motivation and shares their progress.

Celebrate Success

At the end of the week we celebrate each other's success and the money raised for charity!

Sounds pretty sweet, right?
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